Whenever two or more are gathered

We have come from everywhere

We bring stories as varied as pebbles on a beach

We are all on the same kind of journey

To discover our true selves


In this place the mountains will hold us secure

Removed from the busyness of our lives

We can drop all pretenses and masks

We show our scars and our wounds


Many rekindle old friendships

Some are new here and embraced fully

Arms hug until they ache

Voices are joyful at the sight of it all


Our souls call out to one another

As we seek to nourish and nurture

We connect to that which is greater as

Spirit moves through and around us


Music becomes the glue between lessons

Songs new and old are shared

Voices again are raised in joy

We sound like a choir of Angels


We come from everywhere

But we are the same

We are united in our Divinity

We have become everywoman



Hilary Hellums- May 4, 2015


**This was a spiritual retreat for a group of women who belong to Daughters of the King; an Episcopalian order for women to gather together in prayer and community. It was at this retreat that I underwent an emotional healing of a wound incurred at the age of 19. Several weeks after the retreat, I realized I was actually a lesbian and have been all along, I just didn’t know.  

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