The Spookster

I met him at school

He thought he was cool

But many just thought him strange


One thing that gave doubt

One thing that stood out

Was a pea-green vest with long fringe


Once we found our niche

The friendship was rich

And took us where we’d never been


Rocky Horror was ours (NOTE: pronounced are’s)

We played the stars

The siblings that weren’t quite right


Sometimes he played Frankie

Without a lace hanky

But still managed to look cute in hose


The parties we threw

The crowds, how they grew

The reverend and sister were born


We’ve done many things

Had our share of flings

But we always had each other


We’ve looked death in the face

Your home the gathering place

For Aaron to find his peace


Robert, my friend and brother

I love like no other

Happy birthday my dear


I’ll be with you at Quies Que ces’t


**This was written for a dear friend of mine, Robert Smith. I’ve known him since 9th grade at Evergreen Junior High. It was written for his 50th birthday. The last line refers to that place where he and I will always know and love each other.


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