Lunch at the VA hospital

Sitting in my booth I look at the faces of those around me.

There’s pain, frustration, and anger on some. Sorrow, loss, and despair on others.

Some bodies have missing parts; some bodies don’t work at all anymore.

So much to see.

An underlying camaraderie permeates this place.

We all swore to protect our country, our rights, and our freedoms- with our very lives we took that oath.

An oath that took away some of those freedoms…

We did it for different reasons; some made a career of it, some just did their time, but we gave our best.

Soaring above all emotions is pride; for ourselves and our country. We were willing to die for our country.

Many did give their lives.

We are here and we remember them…

**Written by Hilary Hellums on 11/20/03 while having lunch at the VA hospital cafeteria.

Revised 5/7/15


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